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Sports in Boston

Boston Celtics LogoBoston Celtics – The Boston Celtics are one of the most iconic franchises in all of sports. Formed in 1946, they were one of the original 8 teams in the NBA. They currently hold the record for most championships won, 17, and most championships won in a row, 8. Even the court they play on is legendary, The Garden. As if that was not enough, the Celtics are also ½ of one of the greatest rivalries in sports, with the Los Angeles Lakers. Celtics fans have had front row seats to many epic moments over the years. No wonder they are so loyal.

Boston Red Sox LogoBoston Red Sox – The Boston Red Sox were formed in 1901 as one of the original 8 teams in Major League Baseball. Since then they have gone on to win nine World Series Championships and amass over 9,000 wins. Over the years Hall of Fame players like Babe Ruth, Cy Young, and Tom Seaver have called Fenway Park home.

New England Patriots LogoNew England Patriots – The New England Patriots were not one of the first teams in the NFL. They didn’t join until the merger in 1970. They also don’t hold the records for most wins, or most Super Bowl titles. However, they do have one unofficial title that carries a lot of weight, greatest dynasty of the modern era. 18 consecutive winning seasons, 16 AFC East titles, and 6 Super Bowl trophies, since the 2000 season. That pretty much sums up the dominance of the New England Patriots.

Boston Bruins LogoBoston Bruins – The Boston Bruins are an Original Six franchise in the NHL. That places them at a level of respect a little above their peers. Having also won six Stanley Cups doesn’t hurt either. Like the Celtics, they play their games in the legendary Garden.